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About JuicEvolution

What drives JuicEvolution's mission?

At the heart of JuicEvolution’s mission is the drive to harmonize the vigor of nature with the rhythm of daily life. Passionate about health, sustainability, and taste, we’re dedicated to crafting organic, cold-pressed juices that are not just beverages but a lifestyle choice. JuicEvolution is committed to using the purest ingredients to deliver wellness in every sip, while also fostering community well-being and environmental stewardship. This guiding principle propels us towards global change, one bottle at a time.

JuicEvolution ensures ingredient freshness through meticulous supply chain management. We, along with our farmers, are verified by various external bodies to maintain the highest quality of our organic fruits and vegetables. This extensive control of the supply chain, from farm to bottle, ensures that every ingredient meets our strict standards for freshness and quality, contributing to the exceptional taste and nutritional value of our juices.

JuicEvolution juices are crafted with a diverse blend of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. We don’t have a single main primary ingredient as each flavor has its own unique blend. This variety is intentional, aiming to provide a diverse and exciting taste experience that’s sure to delight in every sip.


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Our juices undergo a meticulous preservation process, ensuring an extended shelf life without the need for any chemical additives. We employ the HTST (High-Temperature Short-Time) method, wherein the juice is rapidly heated to high temperatures just before bottling. This rigorous heat treatment effectively eliminates any potential contaminants, pathogens, or spoilage microorganisms, guaranteeing product safety and longevity. Furthermore, our commitment to quality extends to the sterilization of our bottles, adding an extra layer of protection against any form of contamination.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of this method, we have implemented rigorous independent verification and testing procedures.

Our entire production site and supply chain are subject to oversight by independent bodies, which conduct regular assessments and audits to guarantee compliance with the highest standards. Additionally, our products undergo extensive testing for various certifications, including Fairtrade, Vegan, Non-GMO, and EU-Organic.

These certifications require comprehensive verification of our preservation methods, ingredient sourcing, and quality control processes. They serve as external validations of our commitment to delivering organic juices that not only meet but exceed industry standards for safety and effectiveness.

By consistently adhering to these rigorous standards and undergoing independent scrutiny, we aim to provide our customers with the utmost confidence in the quality and authenticity of our organic juices.

Certainly, we do provide specific storage recommendations to ensure optimal product quality for Santi Fresh Juices. While it’s not necessary to refrigerate them, we recommend storing the juice boxes in a dry, cool place. For the best drinking experience, we suggest chilling the juices to around 7 degrees Celsius before consumption or simply adding some ice blocks for a refreshing taste.


To apply for sponsorship from JuicEvolution, you can start by reaching out directly to their events department. Send a detailed proposal outlining your event, its alignment with JuicEvolution’s values of health, sustainability, and community engagement, and how the sponsorship can be mutually beneficial. Include specific details about the event, such as the audience demographic, size, and planned activities. Contact them at their dedicated email address, events@myjuicevolution.com, to initiate the conversation and explore potential partnership opportunities.

JuicEvolution sponsors a variety of events that reflect our core values, particularly those that promote active lifestyles, such as sporting events. We also support sustainability initiatives and community health programs. If you’re organizing an event and seek sponsorship that aligns with health, joy, and community, please reach out to our events department at events@myjuicevolution.com. We’re excited to hear from you and explore how we can collaborate to share the JuicEvolution experience.

JuicEvolution embraces inclusivity, aiming to resonate with every individual’s journey towards wellness. Our ethos of universal joy and wellness drives us to support diverse causes, particularly those promoting health, sustainability, and community engagement. We actively seek out sponsorship opportunities that reflect our mission to spread the joy and enriching experience offered by our juices, reinforcing our belief that the essence of JuicEvolution is for everyone.

JuicEvolution brings support to your events but also enhances the experience with our vibrant presence. Through our merchandise, engaging promotional materials, and active international community, we help to attract new connections, creating a richer, more engaging atmosphere. Our expertise in Food & Beverage (F&B) can elevate the event’s offerings, ensuring guests enjoy a superior experience that resonates with our shared values of health, sustainability, and community.

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